Want to write a picture book and get it published?

Want to know how to drop word count as you craft your picture book?

Want to simply enjoy your picture book editing process?

Want to pace your picture book as a performance?


Picture Book Lunch is all about pace-writing your next picture book using 20 ultimate editing tools that will allow you to connect with readers, decrease word counts, and bring out the rhythm and heart of your story.


Shift the focus to the reader experience and move a story to move readers:


    •  See the picture book as a performance readers will love

    •  Invite reader participation through art and words

    •  Surprise readers at the turn of a page or create an interactive game

    •  Do more with sound, action, and meaning

    •  Bring out the rhythm and heart of story

    •  Use repetition to enhance the emotional trajectory

    •  Use lists to present who your characters are or are not

    •  Do the small things to create big results for your picture book

    •  Experience how these tools do more for MG and YA

    •  Write that manuscript that will catch an editor's or agent's attention


Picture Book Lunch explores what we love about children’s literature and supplies great examples of how these tools work within your writing: the surprise a page turn brings, how word choice impacts story, how much the sound and meaning of words matter, how rhythm and repetition and description engage on many levels—all the things that are so essential to crafting a successful picture book.


What do you do after you consider plot, theme, POV, characterization, story arc?  Turn to Picture Book Lunch and turn your next book project into a performance you and your readers will love.